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Thanks for stopping by!  We at Clydesdale Bookkeeping in beautiful Victoria, BC, Canada, offer a full range of services, from a personal income tax return to full cycle bookkeeping for your corporation.  

I am Suzanne Clydesdale, and I will always give you a free hour, whether you're in business or not.  Drop me a line and we can talk about your business, home budgeting, tax situation or whatever is on your mind.


Growing your business isn't easy.  Luckily, the bookkeeping world offers tools like Sage 50, formerly known as Simply Accounting, QuickBooks, the full suite of MS Office products, plus a wide range of free downloadable software and tools for those of more modest means.

Staying on top of the numbers can take a lot of pressure off your everyday life.  We can help you utilize the tools of the business trade to dress your business for success.  Payroll, GST, PST, income tax instalments and all the other complexities of business, which sometimes seem to have nothing to do with your vision, can really suck the joy out of following your dream.  These things are quite manageable, actually.  Let us show you how. 


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